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CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE. If you want a basic cleaning of the room or need us to change the sheets or towels let us know but think about the environment first. For stays of more than 7 days we will do a deeper cleaning with change of clothes. If something does not work during your stay, please let us know as soon as possible.


INTERNET WIFI ACCESS. There is a good Wi-Fi internet connection throughout the house. We will give you the password when you arrive.


DOGS. Pets not allowed.


SMOKE. If you are a smoker you can smoke in the garden, since smoking is not allowed inside the house.


TELEVISION AND MUSIC. In the rooms of Casa Maceira there is no television. Please keep in mind that there are other guests in the house and if you decide to put music in your room do not do it at an excessive volume so that it does not bother others.


ARRIVAL. We need to know the time of your arrival at least 48 hours in advance. The time of entry is at 15:00 and the departure must be before 12:00. If you arrive earlier, we will store your luggage. We do not accept arrivals between 24:00 and 0:00.


KEYS We will give you a copy of the house key and another one of the room. Please take good care of them during your stay and do not forget to return them when you leave!


USE OF THE POOL. If you travel with children and want to enjoy the pool, keep in mind that it is the parents' responsibility to always watch the children when they are in the pool, so we ask you to take extreme precautions if they do not know how to swim.


CARE AND RESPONSIBILITIES. We hope you treat everything carefully. All specific rules of use of the house and its equipment must be respected during the reservation period. If any problem, damage or breakdown occurs and we are not at home, you must inform us immediately so that we can repair it as soon as possible. We also expect from you that you respect the rest of the guests and neighbors. Since none of the rooms are completely acoustically isolated, we all expect a certain level of noise from our neighbors, please try not to make much noise, especially during the night or first thing in the morning. Any kind of loud music or noise that might disturb the rest of the guests should be avoided. The person responsible for the reservation will be responsible for ensuring that their companions will maintain proper conduct. If this person or his companions do not maintain proper behavior, Casa Maceira reserves the right to expel guests and their companions from the house, losing the guest the right to any compensation or claim.


Casa Maceira will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage that occurs during the period of reservation in the house, including personal injury or injury caused by fire, theft or criminal behavior, nor will it be responsible for any problem related to energy supplies, water, gas or internet access, but please let us know immediately if any of these problems occur when we are not at home to solve it as soon as possible. If any of the rules described is not met Casa Maceira reserves the right to expel guests and their companions from the house, losing the guest the right to any compensation or claim.


The reservation at Casa Maceira implies that you accept and respect these conditions. We appreciate your collaboration on all these issues and hope you understand that these standards are necessary.


We hope you enjoy your stay with us and that it becomes for a few days in your home.

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